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A Home Office for Two   

A Larchmont, NY couple in search of work-from-home space is convering their existing sideyard porch into an enclosed, conditioned home office. Built-in cabinetry and shelving surround the home's masonry fireplace, and new fixed picture windows flanked by operable casements allow unobstructed views and ventilation when desired. Design underway with a construction start anticipated for Fall 2024.

2024-03-08 EL - overall view toward fron

A built-in stained walnut desktop  

2024-03-08 EL - close-up of bench-desks_

A built-in bench with storage cubbies at one end of the new home office.  Under-desk cabintry combines stained and painted wood surfraces. 

2024-03-08 EL - overall view toward rear-bench.jpg

Built-in shelving and cabinetry surround an existing masonry chimney that protrudes into the space.  

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